User's Guide to the Impact Workbooks

This document is designed to accompany the CREDO Urban Charter School study presentations on the impact of urban charter schools in individual states. Descriptions of each slide are presented in the same order as are the state level presentation slides, designed to aid interpretation. Additional explanations are also provided where necessary with respect to the method of comparison.

Some states included in this study have only one major urban region. Others have multiple urban communities that met the criteria for inclusion. For the multi-region states, the regions are presented sequentially, with the slides in the same order for every region.

To protect the privacy of students and to prevent the possible identification of individual or small groups of students, CREDO does not present demographic or impact results for groups of students less than or equal to 5 . Where a student group falls below the minimum number, the result has been deleted. Depending on the group in question, this may result in either a partial obstruction of a graph or the elimination of a slide altogether.